Our Subconscious Minds Are Our Storehouse of Memory and Emotion

Our subconscious minds are our storehouse of memory and emotion. When we give ourselves access to these resources, we access control of our lives. This is the essence of using hypnosis as a therapy. It is simply our ability to access and direct this subconscious activity in a positive and helpful way.

Hypnosis Is an Artificially Induced State of Complete Relaxation

Hypnosis is an artificially induced state of complete relaxation. The feeling is of a pleasant almost dream-like state where you are aware of everything around you and are still the person in control. Hypnosis has infinite uses, some of which include stress relief, memory retrieval, pain management, or to implant suggestions for a better way of life such as when someone wishes to stop smoking or lose weight. It can also be used to enhance sporting or academic performance.