Here is a brief description of what Family Law Mediation is about. For more information about mediation and how it can help you click here or visit:

Family Mediation Is About Bringing People Together for Discussion

Family mediation is about people coming together to discuss the issues in dispute. The Mediator’s task is to help people to understand each other’s point of view and to work together to reach an agreement acceptable to all.

Family Mediation Can Provide People With Help To:

  • Decide which areas are in dispute
  • Explore each other’s needs and interests
  • Explore possible solutions, taking one problem at a time
  • Clarify agreement

Mediation is user friendly reducing the costs and stress of litigation.

Most importantly you decide the outcome.

The types of issues that are typically addressed in Mediation are:

  • Couples and Families
    Parenting Plans, Property Settlements, Step Families, Defacto and Same Sex Relationships, Parents and Children, Siblings, Families and Carers.
  • Neighbourhood Disputes
    Boundaries and Fences, Trees, Noise, Pets, Children, Access, Music.
  • Workplace Disputes
    Clients, Staff, Contractors, Payments, Discrimination, and Harassment.

Mediated Agreements are not legally binding. However if you wish to submit the agreement to the Family Court we advise you to employ a lawyer to present the document for you.