Counselling is for individuals, couples and entire families who are experiencing difficulties in relationships with their family, friends and workmates.

Counselling or ‘talk therapy’

Counselling or “Talk Therapy” is effective in helping individuals sort out what they want from their relationships and affects will be felt from the first meeting.

Meeting Durations Will Vary

For some, one meeting is all that is needed to discover the reason for their discomfort, others need several meetings.

Information Sheet

An information sheet for clients is available for download here.

Reviewing a Whole Life Including Early Childhood Decisions

For some people the contract with the Counsellor will be a long term one and may involve reviewing a whole life including early childhood decisions. Sometimes those early decisions will need to be changed for more effective ones. This allows the individual to be more at ease with himself/herself and with his/her relationships. One way this may be achieved is through Time Line Therapy.